Mestiza was born from the merger of the Cuenca family and its trajectory in the Argentine folklore silversmith field and its complementary arts. Mestiza is the daughter of Platería de Campaña de José María Cuenca and its teachings.
Mestiza is tradition in movement of small works of art, pieces of current use with a symbol, not a simple one, but a very Latin American one.
Mestiza is a project destined to the search and creation of the pieces of art of our hinterland for their adaptation in today's society as a possible path for the permanence of our arts, aesthetics and traditions.
Mestiza becomes a project for the search and creation of contemporary pieces of art loaded with historical heritage but adapted to the needs of current societies, in the strong belief that it is a possible way for them to endure over time, aesthetics and traditions of our land. That each object is in addition to a necessary object, a piece of art with meaning. Mestiza believes that modern life can be enriched by the contributions of the peoples who came before us.